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Vehicle Inspections for New & Used Cars

Whether new or used, a car is one of the biggest investments you will make in a decade. Therefore, it is important that you don’t end up with a lemon.

Before buying a car, always have an expert inspect it inside and out to identify any manufacturing defects or faults that may have developed during its tenure. Knowing the defects beforehand will save you from those nasty surprises and unexpected breakdowns down the road.

When you are buying a new car from the showroom, you might think what could go wrong? It’s a new car, after all. But this is where most consumers are betrayed by their dealership. Blinded by the excitement, you might end up with a defective piece or the one that has been damaged in the transit and sold to you after rebuffing the paint job.

Our technicians can tell if a car has been repainted or has a damaged chassis. Our vehicle inspection is a small investment that can save you from a bad purchase and years of regret.

On the other hand, when you are buying a used car, a vehicle inspection is the mandatory step before transferring the ownership. A used car can have hundreds of defects and potential problems that may not be evident. Our technicians will plug in the OBD scanner to find out hidden issues in seconds. Sometimes, the scan shows false codes or unnecessary errors. We can let those slide and focus on the serious ones that can make or break the deal.


Buy Your Next Car With Confidence – We’re the Inspection Specialists!

With a professional vehicle inspector by your side, you can never go wrong with a car purchase. Not only will you be buying a reliable vehicle, but you can also hold a stronger position when it comes to price negotiation. 

If you have any questions related to the car’s condition, we’ll provide a detailed explanation so that you can see things clearly and decide whether to buy that vehicle or not.

Our technicians can inspect any model or make, be it a Japanese family car, an SUV or a German luxury sedan or a sports car. We have the latest diagnostic tools and knowledge required to dissect a car for you.

We can even tap into the car’s history to reveal any major accident, insurance claims or criminal activity associated with the car.

All you have to do is book an appointment for a used car inspection in Perth, and our experts will take it from there.

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